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You must be at least 18 years of age; if

younger must have consent by parent(s).

You must be able to work in USA  legally.

You must have a SAG card for union

film, commercial or TV series projects.

No nudity or lingerie images are allowed.


Our fees: We do not charge a percentage fee for any job! A yearly fee of your portfolio setup on the DHA website, is $275.00 usd. Any changes or updates AFTER approval of

your portfolio, is $25.00 usd. Use the Buy Now button below, for the yearly setup fee.

July Special - Only $175.00

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You represent the David Henry Agency, be professional and pleasent. When uploading portfolios images, it should be at least 300 pixels in size. The 4 self-images:

Close-up, Profile, Waist-up, Full length.

Keep in mind these images can make or break you;

if you need a professional image portfolio, let us know. Casting/Film directors send us your actors/film requirements for your next flm,

commercial or TV series project. 


Please include

              Name:  Address: & Phone #: Height: 

           Bust: Waist: Hips: Hair: Eyes: Shoe:                   Describe yourself (40 words or less)         

             previous acting, extra or modeling jobs.

              If you have worked on films, let us know

              what your job was (sound boom, stage                      setup, make-up, FX, comera, etc.)

*Submit your photos (see TIPS

and description for review, by sending them to:

*Allow 3 days for setup.


Your pay: for DHA models can range from $25 to $75 an hour. The pay depends on experience, agency and desirability of the model. The final pay is determined by you, since you're independent model/actor/extra agent. 

Actors/Extras will either get $630 per day, or $2,190 per week with extras $166 daily for SAG card workers. (Jun 4, 2020)  The pay will vary with non-union type projects and by state. 


Our fees: If you're *casting director or model scout; to grant access to any of our models/actors/extras contact info. use the

Buy Now button below. The all-access fee

is $495.00 usd a year. Use the

Buy Now button below.


*verification will be required.

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